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May 19 2018

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Chapped lips by the river - quick trip to Kiwi’s Beach to reconnect with self & world. Hard days, lovely sun.

#rivers #providence #providenceriver #awildkiwiappears

May 17 2018

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Arya went to the vet today & everyone fell in love. She was delighted to poke a bobble-head on the front desk.
#russiantortoise #tortoise #tortoiseofinstagram #aryathevoldetort #worlddomimation #oneheartatatime

May 15 2018

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Love to all the artists & creators out there! Keep doing your thing & sharing it around. 🖖🏻🖤. Mad makeup for Madcap Monday - mildly macabre, mostly mortal, merry enough for mischief.
#amotionkiwi #vlogging #gothicvampirewitch #whenyourestrange #lestrange #failedattemptsatdrag #tistheseasonfordysphoria #invisiblytrans

May 11 2018



In No Particular Order Things I Need:

1: Attention 2: An Orgasm 3: $10,000,000 4: True Love

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This is fucking amazing 

@kiwi-kaleidoscope I feel like that’s something you’d do  😁😋

I could not think a better way
To ever spend my time
Than checking out your lovely lass
And etching her in rhyme–

And never would I cop to plans
To make those lovelies mine
But be a dear and keep them near
Lest you fail to pay your dime…

April 13 2018

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The book Memérè gave me to read has ocean sketches in it. My aunt gave me new amazingly cute keychains of a rainbow seahorse (love!) & sloth (arboreal love!) from The Lady from Haiti store. (at Naples, Florida)

February 16 2018

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The Madcap Minidork makes an appearance this weekend! #tophat #tophatter #dapper #butch #butchbetch #sofetch #awildkiwiappears

February 14 2018

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Delivered flowers for Valentine’s Day, but one wanted to stick with me. See, I’m festive! #Valentinesday #valentines #valentine #beminevalentine #whyofcourse! #flowers #tulips

January 29 2018

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I hate this, btw. I love the imperfection but man why do my to do lists always have to be so long despite my knocking things off them?

January 28 2018

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Diligent work on grief art during today’s grief service. May soon be coloring time, if I’m up for it. (at First Universalist Society in Franklin)

January 27 2018

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This far called #idonthatethis. Scars are painful, beautiful and strong. #sketches #doodles #artnight

January 24 2018


It won’t show the whole text but Day in the Life of a Broke(n) 🥝{kiwifroot}. #chronicallyill #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicallyawesome #connectivetissue #eds #celiac #disabled #spoonielife #spoonie #spooniewarrior

January 16 2018

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The life you don’t necessarily see just by looking at me. #invisibleillness #chronicillness #chronicpain #disabled #disability #connectivetissue #eds #ehlersdanlossyndrome #spoonie #spoonielife #myspoonistoobig #thereisnospoon

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The life you can’t necessarily see just by looking at me. #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #invisibleillness #eds #connectivetissue #ehlersdanlossyndrome #celiacdisease #disability #disabled #spoonie #spoonielife #thereisnospoon

January 15 2018



  • ilinix started following kiwi-cackles

Hello there! I don’t think we’ve met before, from what I can tell, but you have a lovely blog. Have you been a Worst Witchie for long? (Or perhaps a Hardbitch? (; )

  • @ilinix replied to your text post: asdfgh ‘for long’ ive loved ww since i was very smol its so nostalgic for me asdfg hi

‘For long’ like how long it took me to respond to this.  Hello, my name is Kiwi and sometimes I fall off the planet despite it being round!  Love to meet a forever-fan and seeing your little ‘asdfg hi’ made me smile twice: when I received it and a year later. ;D

December 31 2017

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Sermon complete, time to pack up, strap on my armour and prepare for a long day into the new year. I hope people like it!

December 05 2017


Physical Torture List

Going to put this here because it’s hopefully an easy place to cross things off where I don’t have to use my wrist strength to write things out first.  I’m not back.  Guess I may respond to things if they come up in my inbox & I get to them in time, but tumblr is off my priority list.  Just popping back here to put up my own.

Starting late so goodness knows I’ll be driving my taxi client home, shopping & attending the social justice committee all kitted up for my Richard Simmons exercising.

Sunset alarm just went off. Time to be up & doing things so I can peek out at the setting sun.  I never tire of sunsets.


  • Eat a yorkshire patty & some rolos in a hot coping shower
  • Outfit on/things out
  • Computer set up
  • Life binder out
  • Hoggywartyxmas story writing up
  • Do Mum’s website thing


  • Order new bosu plug
  • Boston ticket dealt with & ready to send Deliver tomorrow before therapy
  • Immediate notifications/inbox trimming
  • Add world religion, Paganism & travel to Traemail
  • Plot out/write a number of Hoggywarty sections
  • One bag sorted


  • Secondary phone notifications
  • Check how bookstore application looks & if need fresh copy Looks fine - copy out full answers
  • Inbox
  • Write Hoggy emails or scenes
  • One thing sorted


  • Tertiary phone notifications
  • Finish up FUSF email
  • Open up LinkedIn & quickly rewrite
  • One thing sorted
  • Hoggywarty: finish as much as possible


  • Drive V home
  • Greens for Arya
  • Social Justice Committee
  • Email TRS re: Hoggywarty progress
  • Prep for therapy & book-club tomorrow: poetry, packet, journal, outline, library & printing plan

I know what character to use for a gif thanks to @duskenpath making me watch Godless, which is a very appropriate thing for an atheistic Universalist with a penchant for cross-dressing and honest talk to watch.


December 02 2017

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A random collection from my day, wordcount to pups to Kate Duchêne slaying. #kateduchêne #kateduchene #nanowrimo #quakethedoge

December 01 2017


A video of my lifelong Doc Martens for @missedmolly but my dog & mother stole the show. My aesthetic: Indigo Girls life & Docs. #docmartens #docs #boots #bigbamfboots #thesebootsweremadeforstomping #thesebootsweremadeforwalking #indigogirls #gaaaaaaay

November 25 2017

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This one had to be separate. That time I put on my mother’s DIY-repaired glasses and accidentally cosplayed as one of my favourite witches. Can you tell which witch?

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